Streamlined checkout process.

Supporting you on the most critical part of the process.
We have created a streamlined checkout process, where we guide the customer through the most criticial flow of your business, the part where they have actually decided to purchase something.

Our checkout flow is optimized to not feel overwhelming to the customer, but we collect all the required information step by step.

Shoperb checkout process is also flexible, we have gone to great lengths to support different business models. With just a click of a button the store owner can make registration optional in the checkout flow, this reduces friction for the customer and makes them more likely to get through the checkout flow.

On the other hand, we also support registration. This is great for returning customers, who don't want to reach for their credit card every time they want to make an order or start looking for their postal code every time - Shoperb has already remembered these details for them.

You can rest easy that the simplicity and flexibility of Shoperb checkout will support your business.


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