Thoughts on Valentine’s Day by Shoperb Team

We often work so tightly together with our store owners that we form a friendships with them. Sometimes our meetings turn into more casual conversations about life, families and meaning of life. Just kidding, we all know that the meaning of life is 42. Really, it is.

We have come to understand thath many entrepreneurs do not credit their success to only their own perseverance or any specific skill. Many believe that a big part of their success comes from the support from their loved ones. They are people whose opinion we value when we are facing hard decisions and even more importantly motivate and never let us give up. When it seems like it's time to give up, there is nothing more motivating than the words of a loved one saying “Yes, you can do it!”.

If we get deeper in our thoughts for a moment, then we could say that all we do is in some way related to love. It's for the love towards our partners, children - our families. Even though today we celebrate expressing our romantic love to our partners, why not expand this a bit further. Take a moment from your busy day and go hug a loved one and thank them for being there for you.

They will appreciate that. Just as we appreciate you for being here with us on this wonderful journey to build something we all love together. Thank you for being here for us!