Secure e-Commerce Experience with Free SSL Encryption

It's a common understanding that e-Commerce websites should use an encryption to protect their customers during checkout process. We've always had strong SSL encryption for our checkout process but for a long while all other traffic to shop websites have used regular HTTP traffic. This changes now with free SSL certificates for all stores.

What is SSL encryption and why do you need it?

SSL encryption is a technology to encrypt web traffic between your online store and your customer computer.

Free SSL certificates for everyone

Today we're announcing free SSL certificates to all Shoperb stores, which is enabled on all our stores automatically. Not only that but all traffic will be automatically redirected to HTTPS - with no additional effort from you. Your store will be more secure and trusted by showing that beautiful green padlock in your customer's browser.

Encryption is becoming something that will be assumed by most customers these days. It is our understanding that it would be irresponsible to run an e-Commerce site without proper encryption in place. With that in mind we will explore and add additional security-focused features as we go forward - just to provide a better platform for your store.