Multichannel vs Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Marketing is the most important thing besides your product or service. There are lots of ways and different strategies to implement ecommerce marketing strategies. Before you start conducting something you should think through the whole plan.  

Multichannel Marketing

It means connecting with your customers through multiple platforms. Nowadays it makes perfect sense regarding how people use various platforms during work hours and leisure time. With multichannel strategy you can approach your customers through different platforms such as email, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  

With multiple platform you can let your customers know about the ongoing or upcoming sales through posts and ads. It can have a positive but also a negative impact.

Why positive? Customers will see your ads all over the pages and they just can’t forget them.

Why negative?  If you bother them too much with your ads they will get tired of it and might start ignoring your posts and online store at all.

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Omnichannel creates a perfect customer journey as they can start it on one platform for example email when they receive a notice about a sale. They purchase an item but they choose a real store for the pick-up. This means that the journey passes through the online store but ends actually in the physical store. 

ecommerce, ecommerce online store, ecommerce platform

Make sure you know the channels your customers are using the most. The main key to interacting with the customer is a thoughtful message you want to impart. However, dealing with multiple channels can be quite exhausting, that’s why we suggest to automate them. 

Keep in mind that not every content works well on every platform. Implement that knowledge and you’ll see how your business will grow!