How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel for Your eCommerce store

It’s not a surprise that Youtube is one of the most popular social platforms on the Internet. The average time one person spends there on a day is approximately one hour. When people want to learn how to do use a new product they prefer to watch tutorials as it is way more convenient than reading articles.

That’s why you should definitely start a Youtube channel for your ecommerce business. Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult how you imagine. Here is a specific guide how to do it:

1. Create a Youtube Business Channel

First, you have to be logged in to your Google Account. It is important to have another account for your brand so you can also add other users there.

  • Sign in to Youtube and go to Settings
  • Click “Create a New Channel”
  • Give your brand channel a name and click “Create”


2. Customize Your Channel

Now it’s time to give some personality to your ecommerce channel.

Let’s start with an icon. Upload a photo of what you would like to be your icon. The perfect size is 800x800 pixels in JPG, PNG or BMP format. Make sure it will also look good at smaller sizes. For Channel Art, the Youtube recommendation is 2560 x 1440 pixels. Try not to go below 2048x1152 pixels and 4MB. You will also see how it will appear on different devices.



To change all the details and description choose the Settings “flower” icon on the right. Enable “Customize the layout of your channel” and you’re good to go. Under “Description” we suggest you add the info about your brand so people know what to expect from your channel. Don’t forget to enter your contact info including your email, webpage and other social media channels.

3. Create Valuable Content

That’s right! You need to create videos that are interesting to watch to the audience. Otherwise, they won’t be interested to watch them too much. Did you know have about 10 seconds to impress the viewer before they decide if it’s worth watching or not? About 20% will leave so it’s super important to make the first seconds of your video really attractive.


Keep in mind that the video has to be catchy and not that long. The audience should be able to find it easily. That’s where SEO comes into play.

4. SEO

Almost 300 videos per minute are uploaded into Youtube. Now think about the competition! It’s harsh but not impossible. Your SEO gameplay has to be flawless if you wish to stay in the game.

When you upload a video there are three important things to notice - title, description, and tags. Use the keywords that describe your content and brand the best. In this way, you might be able to come up with your videos on both Youtube and Google.


5. Spread the News

When you are done with everything above move on to spreading the news about your channel. Share it on your Instagram account and talk about it in the blog, talk about it everywhere you can! But be patient, a large audience will not come overnight.