How to actually drive #killersales for your online store?

Whether you’ve just launched an online store or you’ve been around for a while, everyone could benefit from  an extra boost to increase their sales. There are many ways out there, but we have been noticing one of the most influential factors which we will discuss in this article.  

Choosing the right e-commerce platform

There are high number of e-commerce platforms out there. Finding a more suitable platform among them can be challenging. Even if you already have an online stores and making sales, it is always good to explore alternative options. Especially if you see lack of growth in your sales or there are technical obstacles stopping you.

For instance, perhaps your current platform doesn’t provide the necessary speed for your online store or is lacking support in the shipping and payment options, languages or some other important details which are keeping you away from bringing in more sales. Before deciding if you should move to another platform, think about the benefits and disadvantages what would you face in the process.

Building a business has always its risks, but choosing a platform which costs instead of thousands only 348 euros per year - perhaps its worth to think about it. If you would like to find out what exactly the secret sauce is, then feel free to reach out to us and we will find you a more sufficient way like Shoperb or even if there is something else that may work for you. Bear in mind, price may not be the main indicator, there can be other nuances stopping your growth in your business.


Retargeting on Facebook Ads and Google Ads

Retargeting means you can get potentially your customers back who have left from your online store without a purchase. For example, you can target people who have viewed your products or abandoned products in the cart, including customers who have only viewed your store or who are already your customers. Possibilities to get your customers back are endless. One of the best ways to do that is with Google Ads and Facebook Ads and setting up your tracking pixel in a right way.


We have seen many people who have heard about the concept but never actually understand how retargeting exactly works. The best advice I can give here is following - before you hiring someone, understand the basics first. There are bunch of support articles from Facebook and Google, read these first. Then create a plan and a strategy on how you would start your retargeting process. Take an example of someone who has already done it and then hire someone qualified to do the job. 

Organic marketing for starting out business

By writing about your products, you can talk about how to use your products or what are the key benefits of this product.

Create an unique content that invites your customers to read so that the reader is actually excited and just cannot wait to see your new content. You can add facts and statistics that inspire confidence in your readers to buy your product.

Collaborate with bloggers or influencers who write articles themselves and who are able to give feedback about your products. This can be a real sweet spot when done right. This method will not always guarantee sales if the post itself really doesn’t say anything valuable to its audience. Research what kind of posts from bloggers and influencers have been the most effective and work your collaboration around that.


Note: Be consistent. You have probably heard yourself or other business owners  saying “But I have done everything I can.” Perhaps everything is just not done consistently and in an effective way. Posting ten times a day can get crowded in your customers social media feed. On another hand, posting three times a month can feel like “Who is this ghost on my social media feed?” Thus, once in a day or maximum twice in a day will be more than enough. However, keep your posts and product photos presentable and understandable.

Make sure to update your content from time to time in order to drive more relevant SEO rankings and fresh material for your clients.


Make sure your shipping service provider delivers your products safely and on time. Send the products to the customers in a package with your company logo and a small gift or a personal message that will be included in the package. It would be even better if the letter is handwritten. The more personal the better.


Another thing what can affect your sales are shipping prices. Its better to add a shipping price to your products or lower the price when the customer orders with a certain price. For instance, when the total cost of the order is 60 euros, you can offer free shipping on top of that. We have noticed that a lot of customers have stopped the buying process when the shipping costs are going too high. 

High quality product photos

Quality photos are one of the most important elements of your online store. People are firstly attracted by your product photos. Thus, this is something you would want to keep your eye on. You don’t have to buy a fancy camera with a range of lenses to take good product images. If you have one, awesome, but if you don’t you can scale your equipment as your store grows.

We are recommending you to use neutral background (white paper or order a simple light box from Aliexpress), use your phone or borrow a simple camera, tripod and window light. If you would like to have more specific tips, then feel free to write to us at Shoperb, we have over 7 years of experience in product photography and online marketing.


Here you go! Our latest experiences and trust me, there are even more details to be discussed. If you would like to know more specifics, then feel free to reach out to us and lets start boosting your sales right away.