Introducing Facebook Stores on Shoperb

Experimenting with new features is something we live by every single day. While most of these experiments have not seen a public release, it is something we're trying to change going forward.

Today we have an exciting feature we would like to show you. We don't have a unique name for it, so we call it exactly what it is - Facebook Stores, created by Shoperb.

Facebook Stores - new channel to sell on

Shoperb merchants believe that Facebook is a lucrative marketing channel. Now when adding a “Shop” tab to your page, your customers can buy your products on Facebook right away. It can't get any easier than that.

Facebook Store with Shoperb

Take a look at Boss Babe Wear page and see how easy it is to buy products direcly from their page.

Want to add Facebook integration to your store?

Facebook Stores are currently in private release stage. This means that we will enable Facebook Stores manually by customer request.

If you haven't yet then sign up for a Shoperb store. When you have everything set up, send us a quick note saying that you want to add a Shop tab to your Facebook page. We'll get in touch with you and help you to set everything up.