Ecommerce Christmas Campaign Ideas For Your Store

With less than 3 weeks to Christmas, this is the perfect time to start putting your ecommerce Christmas campaign on full speed. This season, a lot of people will be buying so many things for themselves, their families and their friends. It is the season of love, after all! Why not bite into that yummy Christmas sales pie too?

In this article, we will be sharing with you a few beautiful ideas to make your ecommerce Christmas campaign a remarkably effective one. These won’t only help you make a lot of sales in the season, but even keep the sales rolling in as you step into the year in style. With that in mind, wrap yourself up nicely and let’s jump right into it.

Have Clear-Cut Goals And Plan Ahead

We have never heard of any ecommerce store that wishes to lose during Christmas. Every single store wishes for more sales. But do you know what would set you apart? Clear-cut goals and a solid plan.

Instead of just saying, “I wish my store makes a lot of sales this Christmas,” a better, more defined goal would be “My goal is to make x2 of my last Christmas sales this year.” A plan could then sound like, “I will double my advertising budget on xyz platform.” These are just examples, but you get the idea.


Use Seasonal Packaging

One beautiful way to keep your brand in the mind of your customers is how well you package your products. This is why custom packaging is so important. However, with Christmas around the corner, you can kick it up a few notches. Use Christmas-themed packaging to keep all your customers subconsciously aware that your online store is open for Christmas. They will be more than willing to check your store for their Christmas store.


Use Seasonal Words In Your Campaigns

Don’t make the same mistake many other online stores make at this crucial time. Many stores assume that, since their ad campaigns have been working year round, they should leave them as such. Actually, this is the right time to infuse some seasonal Christmas words.

For example, instead of just offering “30% off when you purchase our xyz,” why not try something like “25% off our xyz until Christmas day!” or “Have a blast into the new year. 10% off all our furniture! Offer closes on Jan 1!”


Tenderly “Season” Your Images

You can spice up the feel of your blog, ecommerce store, and social media pages this season with Christmas-themed images and your Christmas promotion banner. Red and a splash of green are the colors of Christmas. Why not infuse them into your brand for the season? It would surely drive your customers wild and prime them for ample Christmas purchases.


Offer A Solution, Not Just A Product

All your customers will be seeing tons of advertisements from various ecommerce stores this season, all trying to sell this or that product. Make sure you stand out this season by showing how you can help your customers solve some problems. Instead of showing them your beautiful duvets, show them how they can stay warm and snuggly this wintery Christmas, listening to beautiful Christmas songs. Your duvets should just fit in as the perfect solution.

These are a few ecommerce Christmas campaign ideas that will help you boost the sales in your online store this season. Try them out, and see the positive effect they would have on your bottom line.

Happy Holidays!