7 Steps to Develop your eCommerce Store Brand

Have you ever dreamed about your own brand for your online store? It’s a long process to create your own unique brand, so we are here to help you get started.

Brand means something that your audience can easily recognize and has certain core values what stand out.

 So how would you create your own unique brand for your online shop?

1. Find your Target Audience 

To be in successful in ecommerce business, it is absolutely crucial to know your audience. The more you know them, the better is your selling experience. Valuable information would be to know where are they located, what are their needs, problems and how to solve them accordingly. 

Also, one of the ways would be to find out how and who your competitors are targeting. If you know these kind of details and simple hacks, you will be more successful in your ecommerce business for sure.


 2. Explain who you are and what is your mission 

 Describe to your customers what is your ecommerce business all about, what do you offer and what is your main mission on this journey. In this way, your customers can more likely to identify with your brand. For instance, Nike is a good example of excellent branding strategies and business development. Read more about how they built their brand here.


 3. Pick a name

This can sound like an easy task. When you actually start thinking about it, the more complicated it sounds. The name is a significant part of branding, it could be even the most important part of your brand.

When you have an idea, make sure to look up if that domain is still available because you will need it later for your ecommerce store. The name should pass along the idea of what you are, but even then, try to stay original as much as possible. Make sure to avoid too difficult names. Here are some tips how to successfully create a brand name:


  • Define your audience
  • Think about your products/services
  • Write down your company’s values

Come up with the words that describe these 3 aspects and try to mix and match until you find that perfect match.

Ways and examples:

  • Make up a new word (Amazon)
  • Change the word by removing some of the letters (Foundr)
  • Combine two words (Instagram - Instant Camera)
  • Use the initials of the longer name (H&M - Hennes & Mauritz)
  • Use the unrelated word (Apple)

4. Choose your brand’s colours and fonts

Another extremely essential choice to make is visual appearance. Text fonts and icons should be easily readable and understandable, however, don’t be afraid to experiment. Choose maximum of two fonts, one for the heading and the other one for the body text. If you go for more than 2 fonts, it could get just too confusing. Keep your online presence simple and clear.

Colour wise, green and blue is believed to be the most likeable web colour. Learn more about colour psychology here.  Your main goal here is that people would understand your brand’s concept, so keep it simple but unique.


5. Create a slogan

E-commerce store brand slogan will make customers remember you more easily. Let’s take an example like Nike: “Just do it”. It’s catchy and truly unforgettable catch phrase. If your customers feel like the slogan directly communicates with them, it will continue to stay in their minds for a long time. 


6. Create a logo

Unlike creating a right slogan, then logo could be one of the most important part of branding. Your ecommerce store logo can be anything, from a picture to a letter mark. Just think about what would directly describe your brand in a best possible way.

7. Social media

Now, that you have finished all the above, it’s time to start working on expanding your brand. Make yourself visible. Nowadays, the best way for this is using social media. Luckily with Shoperb ecommerce platform you can integrate your social media easily. Your customers can stay in touch with you our Facebook chat window or find all the great information about your online presence from your store.