10 eCommerce Marketing Tips in 2020

In every ecommerce business, there might come a struggling time when it’s difficult to catch new clients and increase sales. There might be numerous things affecting your sales, for example, it could be lack of exposure, uncomfortable client user experience, it could be matter of economic crisis, it really could be anything. But, no worries, we have put together 10 marketing tips to help you boost your sales and become stronger than ever!

1. Use Social Media 

In today’s world, one of the most used social media platforms is definitely Instagram and Facebook.  For instance, Instagram allows you to tag your products, which means you don’t loose your clients while they are browsing your products on social media. They can choose their favourite products and check out directly from your ecommerce store. Read more about Instagram product tagging here. 

Also, for boosting viewership for your content, different social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are a great way to boost your exposure about your ecommerce business. Try to use also other platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitch etc. Magic word would be here - consistency. Keeping your fans up-to-date every week brings more exposure than doing this once a month. Do not give up if you do not reach to your growth goals right away. Every good thing takes time to grow.

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2. Create a Facebook Store

To make your products even more visible, add them to your Facebook Store and increase your sales also through your social media. You canconnect your online store products on Shoperb directly with your Facebook Store. Learn more about it here.

3. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to reach out to your clients. 

Make sure you are sending out only relevant messages so the customers wouldn’t unsubscribe. Create special deals with coupons and discounts on Shoperb,  to attract them back to your online store.  Free shipping, discount percentage and coupons are a great idea to use to boost your sales for your online store. How to create discounts find out more in here.

Send these deals during the high peak times when your clients are most likely to be online. Also, its is a great to use email marketing when your customers have  abandoned their shopping cart or their wish list is still sitting there from last month. These techniques are incredibly handy when building up your ecommerce business.  

4. User Experience

One of the reasons customers might leave your site could be lack of user-friendliness. Always make sure your user experience is up to date.  Slow site speed is definitely one of them. Shoperb ecommerce platform can provide you less than a second of site load time! Imagine if you have a client who has only 2 minutes free time in a day and your site loads just 30 minutes. Trust us, this will be the reason why they didn’t make the purchase. 

Mouse tracking tools can help you keep an eye on pages and features where customers spend most of their time.  Mouseflow is an incredibly effective tool to find that valuable information: https://mouseflow.com/

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5. Up-sell and Cross-sell

Up-sell means upgrading your purchase to size larger or something extra. For instance,  if you buy medium size popcorn and get offered larger size instead  because you have been a loyal customer or there is a specific bundle deal.

Cross-sell is adding another item to your purchase to improve the another one. For example, when you buy boots, there might be an offer to buy an extra boot brush. Regarding your ecommerce store,  up-sell is usually done on the check-out page and cross-sell on the product page.

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6. Retargeting

If you are an ecommerce store owner, you know that hot leads are better than cold. However, there is a way to bring them all back when they feel doubt about buying your products.  When a customer leaves your site without purchasing, it could be your ambition to bring them back with paid ads in Google Ads or in Facebook. Retargeting can help your customers to remind that your online store with the specific product they were looking for, is still there when they need it.

7. Customer Service

Personalised customer service is regardlessly still one of the best ways to reach out and communicate with your customers. Gather as much as information about your customers as possible. Make your customers your biggest fans and build trust along with them.

If you don’t have much resources, live chatbots might be a good idea to answer their most burning questions. However, do not keep them talking with robots too long, give them an option to reach out to you still personally if live answers are not solving the problem.

The quicker they get answers to their questions, the more likely there is a possibility they will purchase from your online store.

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8. Content Marketing and Storytelling

Another way to attract customers is by creating consistent content. For instance, you can write blog posts about your products, your company and why not about you as an ecommerce store owner. We have noticed that the more personalised is the content, the more you speak directly with your clients, the better the revenues stores have. People find it easier to relate to the stories based on real life.

9. User Created Content

As mentioned before, the best way to connect with customers is in real life.  That’s why you should use user-created content (UCC). For instance, if your customers create positive photo or video materials of your products, ask them permission to share materials or reviews on your ecommerce platform or in social media. Its an excellent way to build trust and loyalty between you.

10. Free Gifts

Once in a while, it’s a good idea to offer your customers or new customers to-be free gifts. It is a good way to show your kindness and build even more trust between you and your customers. People love gifts, thus why not to give it a try and let them play a specific game or add a gift by certain amount of purchase. People are also more likely to buy during the holiday season, thus keep an eye on new trends and hopefully your online store will boost sales drastically.

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